Thanks to the Stiftung Stadtkultur in Berlin-Lichtenberg we had the chance to use this 400m2 wall to talk about one of the most important topics of our time:
the rapid loss of biodiversity and destruction of ecosystems caused by humans. According to a report of the United Nations concerning biodiversity, there are up to 130 animal and plant species which extinct every day. Our mural shows a fragile composition of colors and shapes. They contain symbolical selected animals and plants which are threatened with extinction in Germany to bring this global topic to a local level. If one piece of the composition is going to be removed or the balance is shifted, the whole system could collapse. The human figure on the bottom has the power and the chance to maintain this system.

It is important that we as a society discuss how we deal with our resources, how we treat nature, how we consume. We know that deciding on a more sustainable lifestyle in our everyday life is not always easy. But we should all be aware that every little effort contributes to make a change and to save the balance.